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We are all a pedestrian at some point in our life, and the likelihood that most of us are pedestrians at least once daily is high for many Americans. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2018 saw an increase of pedestrian fatalities from accidents rise by 3% which numerically comes out to over 6,000 deaths. Also, 2018 had the highest amount of pedestrian fatalities since 1990.

Pedestrian crashes are often severe for the individual who was hit. A person’s body is no match for a large, heavy, vehicle and when the two collide, serious bodily damages result to the victim. In 95% of all crashes, the accidents that result are due to driver error. Driving while fatigued, distracted driving, driving while intoxicated, not obeying the rules of the road, all of these reasons and more can lead a driver to hit a pedestrian.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics In Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation indicates that in 2001 there was a pedestrian hit and either injured or killed every 5 hours and 12 minutes. Each year the state of Wisconsin loses approximately 350 pedestrian lives and endures 1,200 injured residents from crashes. Children are the most affected in these types of accidents. Children who fall in the age range of 14 years and below makeup 37.5% of all pedestrian crashes in the state. Very young children, aged 5 through 9 years of age have the highest risk of serious injuries.

While children are the most affected in pedestrian accidents, the most catastrophic outcomes are in those mature adults age 75 years and older. Individuals in this age group that are victims of pedestrian accidents often lose their life. The body loses its resilience over time. When serious injuries are inflicted the results are often grave.

Where Do Pedestrian Crashes Take Place?

A blue and orange logo is shown on the side of a black background.Intersections are understandably the highest risk locations which are more prone to pedestrian accidents. These locations statistically will have more people crossing most times of the day and night, while cars are driving in all directions. The rate of people crossing the street to the number of cars present at any time means that there will be more incidences of accidents. It is important for pedestrians to be very aware of their surroundings before they enter the roadways. It is even more important for drivers to be alert to their environment just in case a pedestrian who they don’t see steps out on the road.

In Wisconsin, the most common areas where pedestrian crashes take place are as follows:

  • 32% of pedestrian crashes are in intersections
  • 26% of pedestrian crashes are at mid-block crossings
  • 9% of pedestrian accidents happen outside of a road, such as in a parking lot or on the sidewalk
  • 8% of pedestrian accidents happen when an individual crosses a highway
  • 7% of pedestrian accidents take place behind a vehicle when the driver is backing out and driving in reverse
  • 3% of pedestrian accidents take place when individuals are either at work, such as a construction worker or playing in the road such as kids playing basketball with the hoop on the curb
  • 16% of pedestrian accidents are a result of other miscellaneous reason

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