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It can be very difficult to keep up with the current laws in your state, especially when they’re being changed from year to year. While there has been less legal changes this year due to the pandemic, there still have been a few that everyone should know about. Here at Alexander J Smith Law Offices, we want to make sure everyone is as updated and informed as they possibly can be. We have compiled a few of the largest laws that have already been passed and a few that will most likely be passed in the near future.

Some of the most important laws to keep in mind are the laws relating to Covid-19 and how they are rapidly changing. Currently, there is no law requiring people to stay home but only recommendations from the CDC and The Wisconsin Department of Health Services. There are however still laws in place requiring masks or some sort of face coverings while going out in public. These laws and recommendations are expected to be changing very rapidly in the near future as the vaccine begins to be distributed and cases begin to fall.

There are also many financial bills being proposed related to Covid-19. One of these proposed bills is direct financial assistance to people in Wisconsin. This would be similar to the national stimulus check package that got passed earlier this year, but would only pertain to the people of Wisconsin. This bill has not been passed yet and has received initial pushback meaning we may not see this for a few months still if ever.

There’s been multiple bills being proposed and passed as well concerning employment in Wisconsin. Other than unemployment checks, transitional work has been proposed for people who are currently out of work. Transitional work is designed to give people who have recently lost their jobs temporary work while they transition to where they will work next. These temporary jobs are government jobs and could last up to six months. This bill, like the others, is still being looked at and could pass with the national governments Covid relief package early in 2021.

It’s very important to keep an eye out for changing legislation even if it doesn’t directly affect you. Here at Alexander J Smith Law Offices, we’re here to keep you informed and put you in the best position possible so you can know the law fully when it changes. Give us a call at 608-237-7035 if you ever want more information on legislation changes or need any top of the line legal advice.