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Multi-car pileups are a nightmare, but they happen. All it takes is just one driver to be distracted on a busy road, not paying attention and before long they crash into the car in front of them. The hit sets off a chain reaction in a situation where there isn’t much room to move out of the way and vehicle after vehicle collide. When this happens, who is responsible for the multi-car accident?

Unraveling a multi-car crash is a complex process when you compare it to two-vehicle accidents. It is much easier to figure out who’s behavior caused the accident when there are fewer parties involved. However, when there are many cars establishing fault is tough. When the authorities arrive on the scene they will be very detailed in every aspect of the crash. They will examine the position of the vehicles, weather conditions, and conduct interviews with the drivers. In their report, they will most often place fault on which cars they believe caused the accident to take place.

How Does Insurance Work in a Multi-Car Pileup?

The majority of multi-car pileups are the result of one car slamming into another with the impact and force rippling through the next couple of cars colliding. There are times when more than one car is at fault. In the report where the officer cites responsibility, a percentage of the blame will be distributed to any parties deemed at fault. For example, the officer may name one driver as the primary cause of the accident and put that person at 80% fault, while the actions of another driver also added to the accident and so they are blamed for 20% fault.

Multi-car crashes will generally yield more property damages to vehicles and have more injuries that are severe. When you are found to be the individual at-fault for the accident or you hold any amount of responsibility for the accident, those who were affected may sue you. Ensuring you have enough liability coverage is important. 

Car accidents can happen at any time and anywhere and for any reason. In Wisconsin and Illinois, the winters are tough for traveling because the weather gets treacherous. There are many injuries and even deaths in accidents on slick roads throughout each state. Ensuring you are adequately protected with the right amount and type of insurance is essential.

Where to Find a Wisconsin or Illinois Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident

Who Is At-Fault In A Multi-Care PileupThe Alexander J. Smith Law Offices are Janesville automobile accident attorneys. We have many years of experience representing victims in Illinois and Wisconsin who have been injured by a negligent party. If you were in a major multi-car pileup it is likely that you may be suffering from significant injuries. When that happens, not only do you have medical costs to account for, but you may not be able to work. It is vitally important that you have a legal team who will represent your best interests and fight to ensure you obtain a fair and full amount of compensation after your accident. 

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