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You may not think about it too much because you drive every day, but making left-hand turns is risky. There are many accidents that result from simply making a left-hand turn. When making one of these turns, you are crossing through traffic. Many times there is oncoming traffic to which the driver turning left must yield. For this reason, in the majority of the cases, the driver who is making the left turn is the individual responsible for resulting accidents. In some cases, however, another driver may be responsible for a collision that occurs in an intersection.

If you have been injured by the recklessness or negligence of another driver, it is important that you have your case reviewed by a Wisconsin automobile accident attorney. You may be able to file a personal injury claim to recoup the costs you incurred as a result of the crash.

Wisconsin Traffic Laws and Left-Hand Turns

Wisconsin’s right-of-way laws dictate that drivers turning left must yield to oncoming traffic and only make their turn when traffic has cleared and it is safe to do so. This is true at both green lights and other intersections where light may not exist. When turning left onto a roadway, alley, or driveway, and also when making a U-turn, the same expectation exists. The driver who is turning onto any of these areas must yield to oncoming traffic.

It is important to understand that oncoming traffic has the right-of-way. It is not their responsibility to slow or stop to a driver that is making a left turn. You can see why those who are in accidents due to an improper left-hand turn are mostly held responsible for the accident.

Left-Hand Turn Accidents Where the Driver Who is Turning is Not At-Fault

Sometimes other factors will play a part in determining fault when an accident involving a left-hand turn transpires including:

  • Speeding is against the law and is reckless driving behavior. If it can be proved that another driver was driving at excessive speeds through an intersection where the accident took place, they can be held liable for a portion of the fault of the accident.
  • Running a red light is also against the law and reckless. When a driver ignores the red light and proceeds through it anyway, causing a collision, they can be held responsible for an accident with a car turning left.
  • There are other miscellaneous scenarios such as a child darting out in the road unexpectedly or an animal running by that causes a driver turning left to make a stop without warning.

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