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Every Wisconsinite knows that wintertime is no joke. Our state gets hammered with sleet, ice, and snow which makes slip-and-falls on slick surfaces very prevalent. Dangerously slippery roads, treacherous sidewalks, and parking lots pose a risk to everyone. When you slip on ice and fall you risk enduring serious injuries such as bone fractures, back injuries, dislocated shoulders, sprains, bruises, and head injuries. These are just a few of the many outcomes that can result when you take a nasty fall.

What Should You Do After You Slip On Ice And Are Injured?

There are four basic steps you should take after a slip-and-fall accident injury, these include:

  1. Seek medical evaluation and treatment. Call your doctor and have them examine you so that you can start therapies or treatment of your injuries as soon as possible. The quicker you attend to injuries and wounds the better your chances for a quicker recovery. Seeing a doctor also provides you documentation that you needed at least some treatment. Keep an eye on your injuries and if they get worse with increased pain or more intense symptoms make sure you write these details down.
  2. Document everything. Make sure you take pictures of the location where you fell, and the more photos of the scene the better. If any witnesses were present, ask them if they would consider providing a statement. If so, collect their contact information.
  3. After your accident, make sure that you get in touch with the property owner to report the incident. Let them know about the conditions that exist and how they caused you to fall. If the property owner makes a report, make sure that you obtain a copy of the report.
  4. Contact apersonal injury lawyer to discuss your case. The lawyers at the Alexander J. Smith Law Offices know what information is necessary to build a strong slip-and-fall case on your behalf. We will advise you on your best options to move forward with your claim and ourslip-and-fall accident injury attorneys will fight on your behalf so you get the compensation you need for your injuries and traumatic experience. Some of the things we will explore include:
    1. Determining if you have a valid claim and the strength of your claim
    2. Calculate your damages and come to a final amount for your settlement
    3. File your paperwork and get the claim process started quickly and efficiently so you don’t miss the statute of limitations (which is 3 years in Wisconsin) for filing your claim

Do You Need A Wisconsin Slip-And-Fall Attorney To Help You With Your Claim?

A blue and orange logo is shown on the side of a black background.The Alexander J. Smith Law Offices understands how much stress victims have after an accident. We will take on the insurance companies for you so you can focus on healing and moving on from your accident experience. We will answer all of your questions and provide you with the guidance you need at every step of the process.

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