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Motorcycle enthusiasts are a large group that spans the entire country. Anyone can understand the draw to the thrill and freedom of riding a motorcycle on the open road. However, riding a motorcycle is a very dangerous activity anywhere in the United States including Illinois. Our state has seen a dramatic increase in fatal motorcycle accidents and those accidents that result in serious injuries. While the ultimate damage is the loss of life, severe injuries can be many and they can have far-reaching negative effects that can last a lifetime in some circumstances.

Who Is At-Fault For Illinois Motorcycle Accidents?

When there is a multi-vehicle accident involving a motorcycle, the fault lies with either the actions of the motorcycle driver or another driver. In some situations, a road hazard may be to blame for an accident. If cargo slips off a vehicle and flies onto the road it may happen so fast that there is no avoiding it and an accident can easily result.

Some of the most common cause of motorcycle accidents in Illinois include:

  • During attempts to make a left-hand turn without yielding to an oncoming motorcycle resulting in a collision between the turning vehicle and the motorcyclist.
  • Vehicles that don’t stay in their lane and cross over center lines have a high probability of crashing with another vehicle comming in the opposite direction. These “head-on collisions” are some of the most deadly types of collisions that can occur. They inflict major damages to the front sections of automobiles and the immense force of their impact is so much so that it affects every occupant of each vehicle. It is not uncommon for ejection from vehicles to result from these collisions. When a motorcycle collides head-on with a car on the highway it is almost impossible for the motorcyclist to survive.
  • The motorcyclist losing control of their bike is also a frequent reason behind accidents. Taking turns too quickly, slipping on black ice, slamming on brakes from misjudging hazards are all reasons that can cause a motorcyclist to lose control. Sometimes, the motorcycle itself can have a defective part that can malfunction causing the driver to lose control without any warning.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a deadly and reckless action that has no good outcomes. Driving while intoxicated can cause motorcyclists and other automobile drivers alike to raise their chances substantially that they will be involved in a serious accident.
  • Speeding can easily cause a motorcycle driver to lose control of their motorcycle. Driving at excessive speeds is a leading factor in most vehicle accidents.

Where Can You Find An Illinois Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

A blue and orange logo is shown on the side of a black background.When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident the injuries you suffer have a high likelihood to be very serious and require thousands of dollars in medical expenses. If you have to miss work because of your injuries you will also be losing out on your income. It is a difficult and stressful situation for victims to overcome and the Janesville motorcycle accident attorneys at Alexander J. Smith understand these challenges. We want to help victims of motorcycle accidents and reduce their stress which is why our Illinois serious injury accident attorneys will never ask for any money upfront when you work with us. We only collect payment once you have been awarded the highest amount of compensation for your damages.

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