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If you are pursuing a claim against a negligent party that caused your injuries and damages, the best way to ensure you can obtain the most compensation is to enlist the experienced help of a Janesville personal injury lawyer. A personal injury claim can be shorter in length or very drawn out. Every accident is different and the details in the case matter.

After your lawyer has submitted your demand letter to the at-fault insurance company they have the opportunity to respond. Normally, the letter submitted to the insurance company will have a deadline for their response and it is generally 30 days. It is common for the insurance company to balk at your demands and put up many defenses to combat your claim. Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company to come to a final outcome that is agreeable to you. However, if everyone is unable to see eye to eye during this initial part of the personal injury claim process, you will be started on the journey to court.

What Is The Discovery Process?

When you are working your way to cour, the discovery process will follow. During the discovery portion of your claim, both sides will collect as much information as possible for their case. You may be asked many questions, you may have to see a medical professional of the defendant’s legal team’s choosing evaluate your injuries, you may have to provide your medical records, witnesses will be deposed. Many things take place during the discovery portion of the process and it can take a significant amount of time for both sides to collect the information they need to build their case.

Once both parties have their information, you will go to mediation. This is the last chance for both parties to come to an agreement outside of court. If no agreement can be made, your case will go to court and a judge and jury will determine the final outcome of your case.

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