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Driving is one of those daily activities that the majority of Americans do without a second thought. Most of us don’t consider the dangers the road possesses every time we get into our cars. The reality is that, with over 6 million accidents taking place across the country each year and more than half resulting in injuries, it isn’t out of the question that you could be involved in a traffic accident by either your own negligence or another party’s negligence. It makes sense to review safe driving tips so you ensure you drive as safe as possible to reduce your risk for an accident.

What Are The Most Important Safe Driving Tips?

Always engage in these tips to increase your safety and that of others when you drive.

  1. It is important that you always use your signals so that others around you know what you are intending to do. When you change lanes or are turning off of the road, always use your signals. Check your mirrors to see what location the other cars are around you and never change lanes in the middle of an intersection if you can avoid it.


  1. Follow the rules of the road at all times. This includes the right of way rules. Driving aggressively or in a rude manner cutting others off will easily lead to a collision. Especially when you are turning and there is another car going straight the risk for a serious accident is high. Even when you have the right away, slow down and inspect your surroundings just to be sure no one is going to pull out at the same time you are.


  1. Stay alert on the roads by actively checking your surroundings so that you are aware of potential hazards or changes in traffic.


  1. Driving with the distance between you and other vehicles is just safe practice. It gives you time to adjust should things on the road change quickly. It also pads you so you can more easily move about and make changes when necessary.


  1. Don’t speed. Speed is a leading cause of accidents. Driving at excess speed will increase your risk for an accident as well as increase the chances of serious injuries.


  1. Don’t drive aggressively. It can cause others to respond aggressively which is a recipe for disaster on the roads and puts everyone at risk for an accident. It also encourages impulsive behavior where you may make a bad decision in a moment of rage that can easily turn into an accident. Tailgating is a form of aggressive driving. If you hit a car in front of you because of your dangerous behavior, it is likely that you are going to be held responsible for the damages. If you are hit by an aggressive driver, then you need to seek legal representation quickly from a Janesville car accident attorney to ensure you receive a fair and full settlement.

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