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Rockford Township, IL (January 12, 2020) – A bad accident happened early Sunday morning at the intersection of 11th Street and Baxter Road near the New Milford area.

Sources reported that a large semi’s trailer was blocking the entire road and that the cab was almost completely on its side with extensive damage to the front-end. It is unclear how many other vehicles were involved but the damages were significant. Debris was scattered over much of the roadway and on the snow-covered grassy areas surrounding the scene.

Authorities indicated that the incident took place around 7:00 a.m. There were injuries and at least one extrication was reported. Several police SUVs, two fire trucks, and MD-1 were at the scene. The authorities told the public to avoid the area.

It is unclear how long it took to clean up the accident scene. Authorities are still investigating the details of the crash.

Our thoughts are with the injured victim in hopes of a full recovery.

Semi-Truck Accidents In Rockford Township

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