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The holidays are a great time for fun and family gatherings. Many households across the nation have either made exciting New Years plans or are in the process of finalizing their outings. While Independence Day still holds the title for the most dangerous holiday on Americans roads, during the wee hours on New Year’s Day drivers should exercise extreme caution.

One of the leading causes of serious injuries and deaths in accidents is drinking and driving. Champagne toasts and festive cocktails are a large part of the celebrations. Because alcohol is so prevalent during New Year’s parties, drivers who hit the roads tipsy and completely intoxicated are too. It is no surprise many DUI checkpoints are set-up throughout the night and into the early morning.

Compounding the higher risk for encountering an inebriated driver on the roads is the poor weather conditions that exist in a good portion of the country. Inclement weather, late nights, and alcohol are never a safe combination. Should you be hit by a reckless driver during the holidays keep in mind that you deserve the highest amount of compensation to help you through your injuries. The resourceful Janesville car accident attorneys at the Alexander J. Smith Law Offices can help.

Tips To Stay Safe During Your New Year Celebration

A blue and orange logo is shown on the side of a black background.With a bit of preparation and a tad more precaution you too can party and enjoy the festivities while also staying safe. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • If you plan on drinking always have a designated driver come with you to the party or be ready to pick you up when it is closing time. Should everyone in your group be enjoying their spirits, have handy a rideshare app or a number of a taxi service that can pick you up from your location and drive you safely to your final destination. If you are living in a major city, there is also the option of public transportation that can be very beneficial. Even if you plan on walking, commuting from one place to the next while under the influence is dangerous. Make sure you have a backup plan to get you home safe.
  • Weather can impact your ability to travel safely even if you are not going to be consuming alcohol. This time of year there can be blizzards, ice, or cold temperatures which may make the safer bet to skip out on the party if the conditions are treacherous.
  • When hosting a party make sure you have plenty of water for guests to rehydrate, also some non-alcoholic options for those that chose not to drink. Additionally, having food around will help those that are drinking better regulate their consumption and the effects alcohol has on the body.
  • Make sure your phone is charged up and if you have a travel charger, don’t forget to bring it. You never know when you will be in a situation where you need to connect with friends or family or the authorities in an emergency. It is better to be safe than out of luck.

Most importantly, be kind to one another and have fun this holiday season. Taking a bit of time to plan for safe celebrations could be the most impactful resolution you make all year.

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