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Traffic incidents are stressful in every aspect. They are a shock to your system and the experience is frightening. After your accident, if you sustained injuries you have to manage medical treatment and therapy along with getting the repairs needed for your damaged property. In addition, you have to deal with insurance companies. Doing everything can be very overwhelming which is why having the help of an aggressive and talented Illinois personal injury attorney is so important.

Taking on the legal battle alone is complex, time-consuming, and draining. Statistically, victims who have the help of an experienced personal injury attorney fighting for them receive more compensation than those who go to battle without representation.

What Happens if You Caused an Accident in Illinois?

When you are the party responsible for an accident you will have points put on your license as Illinois is an at-fault car insurance state. Having points on your license will affect your insurance costs. Points stay on your license for a set period of time. If you have another incident where you are pulled over and obtain additional points, you could be in jeopardy of losing your driving abilities through a suspension of your license.

If you are deemed to be an unsafe driver by your insurance company you are going to be looking at steep rate increases. Depending on the charges against you will go into determining how high your rates will rise. In Illinois, the Department of Motor Vehicles will keep the record of your points for up to 5 years for minor infractions. Severe violations will stay on your record for 7 years. Suspended licenses require that points stay on your record for a minimum of 7 years.

What Happens with my Insurance Rates When I Was Not at Fault in an Illinois Crash?

A blue and orange logo is shown on the side of a black background.It is common that your rates rise when you behave in a negligent manner which leads to an accident. On the contrary, if you were in an accident that was not your fault, you shouldn’t face an increase in insurance rates. So if you move forward with filing a claim for compensation to help you pay for your damages, your insurance provider may not penalize you with an increase in costs.

An insurance company that engages in this deceptive behavior must be dealt with. If you find that you are having your rates increased when you are not at fault after an accident, seeking the guidance of a Janesville car accident attorney is a wise choice. You have rights after an accident and it is critically important that they are protected. You don’t deserve to be taken advantage of and the lawyers at the Alexander J. Smith Law Offices will not allow that to happen to you after you were victimized in an accident.

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