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Not every motorcyclist is agreed on wearing a helmet while on a ride, but the statistics are clear, helmets save lives and reduce the severity of injuries. Even though Wisconsin and Illinois both do not require adult drivers to wear a helmet when they are out on the roads, those who chose to should also ensure that they are wearing a chinstrap. If you are a motorcycle rider who already takes the precaution to wear a helmet, in order to really make that helmet effective, a chin strap should be worn.

A study done by the Neurological Society of India reported that those riders who used a helmet but failed to use a chinstrap suffered far more severe injuries at a higher rate than those who did use a chinstrap. Unfortunately, even the most experienced and precautious motorcycle rider can still be involved in an accident. If you have been hit by another vehicle causing you to lost control of your motorcycle and sustain injuries, do not wait to obtain legal representation. The Janesville motorcycle accident attorneys at the Alexander J. Smith Law Offices can help you build a strong personal injury claim for the most compensation possible.

How Do Chinstraps Reduce Injuries?

Deciding to wear a helmet is a great start at increasing your safety, but to make your helmet the most effective piece of safety equipment you use, a chinstrap is necessary. Chinstraps are essential to securely fasten your helmet snug to your head and ensuring that it stays on during a crash. The only way you can benefit from helmet use is to have it stay on your head during a crash.

Not only will your properly secured helmet protect the top part of your head, but it will also help protect your face and spine. Wearing your helmet correctly makes all the difference in its effectiveness. Consider these tips when choosing and wearing the right helmet:

  • You must purchase a helmet that properly fits your head size. The best way to do this is to try your helmet on in person. You can always buy online once you know the true size that works for you, but don’t estimate without the first-hand experience feeling how each helmet type fits.
  • Getting a feel for the quality of your helmet is also important which is why actually touching each option is important. Additionally, it is not recommended that you buy a second-hand helmet to save money. There are no guarantees that the helmet you purchase didn’t sustain damage in a prior accident, which would make it less effective at protecting you if you are in an accident. The purpose of a helmet is to protect you if you buy a discount helmet that can’t provide this service it is a waste or your money.
  • Spend time watching an online video, talking with store clerks, or reading directions to ensure that you are wearing your helmet correctly. Again, if your helmet isn’t secured to work properly, it isn’t going to give you the protection you are using it for.

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