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Drunk driving is not a wise choice. This reckless decision puts you and your passengers at great risk for accidents causing injuries, even death. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there were 24,000 drunk driving incidents in the state of Wisconsin in 2015. In 2015, crashes where alcohol was a factor, resulted in 190 deaths and almost 3,000 injuries. These deaths and injuries could have been prevented had drivers been more responsible about not getting behind the wheel after they had been drinking.

There are specific times of the year where accidents as a result of intoxication are greater. During the summer, major holidays, and major sporting events are especially dangerous on the roads due to the number of drunk drivers out on the roads. The night before Thanksgiving, and the weekend of the Super Bowl more Americans will irresponsibly indulge in alcohol consumption more than they would on a regular weekend.

AAA Tried Keeping Drivers Safer During Super Bowl Weekend

AAA offered a free service extending to both members of the organization and non-members from Friday, January 31 through Monday, February 3, 2020. The program is known as “Tow to Go.” Anyone who is engaging in festivities and alcohol consumption, over this weekend, are eligible to call a hotline and request a free ride home, instead of driving drunk.

This program was extended to the following states:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • North Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana

AAA hopes that the program will reduce the risks of drinking and driving during a weekend known for celebration, beer, and football. In 2018, alcohol-related traffic incidents killed one person every 50 minutes. That year there were 10,511 deaths from crashes where alcohol was a factor.

What to do if You are Injured in an Alcohol-Related Crash in Wisconsin?

A blue and orange logo is shown on the side of a black background.There is no reason anyone should get behind the wheel after they have consumed alcohol or have ingested drugs. The consequences of driving intoxicated are most often catastrophic and will affect you for the rest of your life if you are lucky to survive the accident. Drunk drivers in Wisconsin face fines, loss of license, and even imprisonment for driving under the influence.

If you were in an accident where the other individual involved was driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you deserve the maximum compensation available for your case. Individuals who suffer catastrophic injuries or do not survive an accident deserves a highly skilled and aggressive legal defense. The Janesville automobile accident attorneys at the Alexander J. Smith Law Offices will provide you with the legal guidance you need to ensure you have a strong personal injury or wrongful death claim that will render you the most compensation. It is necessary to protect your legal rights and when you have been harmed by a negligent party, the Janesville personal injury lawyers at Alexander J. Smith Law Offices are here to help.

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