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Damaged car with oil stains on the groundAlexander J. Smith Law Offices – Personal Injury Lawyers in Beloit, WI

Have you been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence? A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate all of the twists and turns of the insurance claims process and make sure you get maximum compensation for your injuries.

Getting injured in an accident can start a chain reaction of bad experiences. You’re in pain from your injuries, so your doctor prescribes physical therapy to help with your recovery; the physical therapy program is grueling and leaves you exhausted, you feel like you’re in too much pain and too exhausted to work; but the medical bills just keep on coming, and meeting your daily financial needs means you can’t afford to take time off, so you continue to go to work and perform your job duties and other duties of a household or domestic nature while under duress from your symptoms; working while in pain, exhaustion and financial strain cause stress in your personal life, damaging relationships with family and friends.

And the worst part – throughout this entire recovery process, none of which was your fault, you have to deal with the other guy’s insurance company trying to trick you or deny you fair compensation for your injuries.

Where does this leave you? Suffering in silence? We recommend speaking – to our personal injury lawyers in Beloit, WI, at 608-237-7035. Schedule a FREE professional consultation so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

At Alexander J. Smith Law Offices, we’ll help to ease your stress by dealing with the insurance companies so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Unsure what your rights are or how to pursue the matter legally? Speak to our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers today to get a better sense of your options and a quicker return to normalcy in your life.

Get the Compensation You’re Entitled To

There are many different value-driving factors that need to be properly documented to maximize your recovery in a personal injury claim. Those factors include:

  • Treatment cost

  • Pain and suffering

  • Disability

  • Disfigurement

  • Permanent impairment

  • Loss of quality and enjoyment of life

  • Lost wages

  • Lost earning capacity

  • Prescription medication costs

  • Miscellaneous costs

  • Property damages

  • Spouse’s loss of society, consortium, and spousal services

Some of these factors require opinions by medical or financial experts to properly document. The best way to maximize your recovery and ensure that you are getting full value for your claim is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Call Alexander J. Smith Law Offices now at 608-237-7035 for your free consultation.

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Competent & Compassionate Lawyers
For Personal Injury Cases in Beloit, WI

We understand how difficult it can be for your family to make ends meet while you’re recovering from your injuries. On top of all of your usual expenses, now you have medical bills to worry about. Lost time from work may have put you even further in the red, and the other driver’s insurance company won’t pay for your damages until you’ve completed treatment and reached a final settlement of your claim. How do you survive in the meanwhile?

Other coverages may be available to help with this financial burden, and medical creditors will sometimes forego collection and wait on an ultimate resolution of your claim with the proper assurance of payment. But you need to act quickly, or the damage to your credit may already be done.

Don’t procrastinate! Talk to our personal injury lawyers in Beloit, WI today so we can start work on a strategy that covers all aspects of your injury claim, even protecting your credit.

Securing Maximum Compensation
For Personal Injury Victims For 20+ Years

Picking up your life after suffering serious personal injuries is difficult, but not hopeless. Hiring a personal injury lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to overcome the legal hurdles you’re going to face in pursuing your claim is a good first step.

We are a reliable and trusted law firm serving personal injury clients in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin for more than two decades. Whether it’s a motorcycle accident, truck accident, wrongful death, slip and fall accident, or any other personal injury, we can help.

At Alexander J. Smith Law Offices, we don’t shy away from difficult cases. The information necessary to build a strong case and get you the compensation you deserve isn’t always readily available. Our personal injury attorneys in Beloit, WI have extensive experience investigating accidents and coordinating with medical, financial, and accident reconstruction experts to get to the truth. If there is a path to victory, we’ll find it.

What to do after getting injured in an accident in Beloit, WI?

Being in an accident can turn your world upside down, but delaying seeking legal help can be nearly as bad as delaying necessary medical treatment. The earlier you can involve an attorney in the claims process, the better. Important evidence is sometimes fleeting, and cases can be won or lost in these early stages depending on whether the proper evidence has been recognized and preserved.

At Alexander J. Smith Law Offices, your health and convenience are a priority. Our personal injury lawyers in Beloit, WI, will pay you a visit at home or in the hospital. We will answer your questions and start the groundwork to collect relevant details and evidence to support your case through the insurance claims process or in court.

Dial 608-237-7035 so that we can schedule an in-person consultation to discuss all the details and help you move ahead after facing the setback.