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Burritt Township, IL (January 9, 2020) – Sources have confirmed that a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle at North Winnebago Road and Telegraph Road. The incident took place at 11:30 a.m. and multiple emergency personnel were at the scene to provide aid to the victim. 

Witnesses explained that the victim was hit and then dragged approximately 300 feet by a car. The severity of the victim’s injuries has not been released but it is believed that they are significant. There was no confirmation if the driver of the vehicle stayed on the scene.

The Rockford Police Department blocked off the scene to investigate the crash. They have not released the details relating to how the accident took place.

Our thoughts are with the injured party in hopes of a full recovery.

Pedestrian Accidents In Burritt Township

Burritt Township, IL - Pedestrian Hit At N Winnebago Rd & Telegraph RdPedestrians who are hit by a vehicle can have a variety of outcomes from serious injuries to death. Sometimes an injured pedestrian is taken to the hospital for treatment only to lose their life during their stay. The highest risk groups for pedestrian accidents are young people under the age of 15 and mature adults over the age of 65. In Illinois, in 2018 the state saw the most fatalities from pedestrian accidents since 1990. In 2015 there were almost 130,000 injuries that required treatment in emergency departments from pedestrian accidents. 

Most pedestrian accidents are avoidable and do not need to happen. It is almost impossible to walk away from one without serious injuries and trauma when you or a loved one is hit by a large, heavy vehicle. The impact and force of a vehicle on a human body are immense for the victim. The Alexander J. Smith Law Offices have the Janesville auto accident injury attorneys you need to help you file a personal injury claim that will render you the most compensation after your accident.

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